Monday, September 21, 2009

Harry Potter 'Ultimate Editions' on Blu Ray trailer.

It really is amazing to see everyone when they first started. Even Alan Rickman looks that much younger, let alone Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint. And it's always a little startling to see Richard Harris as Dumbledore. I thought he was almost irreplaceable, but Michael Gambon immediately took to the role and made it his own. Having said that, I have two issues with these sets. First of all, if I knew that these would in fact be the definitive end-all-be-all editions of the Harry Potter films, I'd have no objection picking them up as they were released. The fact that they are being released a couple at a time implies that that is the intent, but you never know. Second of all, and you knew this was coming, would it kill Warner to just give us the Blu Rays themselves in an old-fashioned keep case, without the giant box and the various trinkets contained within? I understand that there is apparently a market for that, but why not offer consumers a choice of just the discs themselves?

Scott Mendelson

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