Saturday, June 13, 2009

The trailer for I Love You, Beth Cooper...

I've heard good things about the novel, which is apparently written by Simpsons/Beavis & Butthead scribe Larry Doyle (he also wrote the screenplay to the vastly underrated Looney Tunes: Back In Action). I glanced over at Amazon and one of the reviewers had several brief passages from the book, a few of which made me chuckle (alas, much of the best bits are the sort of offhand authors' asides that can't possibly be translated to film). But, judging by this trailer... wow. This looks absolutely dreadful. Again, it's a trailer and thus may simply be an attempt to pull in the lowest-common denominator teen audience. But this looks absolutely rancid in every imaginable way. Every teen-comedy cliche is in here, and everything is played as broadly and cartoonishly as possible. Plus the lead character looks so insufferably dorky that I can't imagine that anyone would really root for him.

This seems, on the surface, like a huge comedown for Chris Columbus (and Larry Doyle, who wrote the screenplay adaptation of his own novel). Columbus gets lots of grief for garbage like Stepmom and Bicentennial Man, as well as watchable but worthless hits like Mrs. Doubtfire and Nine Months. But Only The Lonely was probably John Candy's best starring vehicle, and Rent was a surprisingly effective adaptation of the admittedly dated Broadway sensation (had Columbus not cut several key act-two songs, it would have been a near-perfect time capsule). And his first two Harry Potter films, while not as exciting as the later sequels, perfectly set up what would be a remarkably vibrant franchise. He should have received some kind of award for his casting acumen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone alone.

It seems his attempt to return to his Adventures In Babysitting roots may be a new low. But then, I'm merely judging the trailer, and I'll happily eat my words if the movie is better.

Scott Mendelson

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Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie which is pretty damn funny and a nod to Hughes classics from the 80s. If you hate it I will reimburse the cost of your ticket.


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