Saturday, June 13, 2009

New teaser for Michael Moore's next film...

The delivery is just a little too broad, but this is an amusing variation on those Will Rogers Cancer Institute commercials that theaters used to run awhile back. Apparently, the idea is that, after the trailer, certain theaters will have ushers walking through the isles to collect donations.

Ironically, since his meteoric rise to stardom after Bowling For Columbine in 2002, Michael Moore has become the kind of person liberals use as a measuring stick to distance themselves from what they feel is the 'fringe left-wing'. This is silly. The guy isn't perfect, and he's a pretty terrible interview subject, but at the end of the day, I agree with his politics about 90% of the time, and so do most of the people who try to distance themselves from him. Dennis Kucinich has the same problem, as the liberals who refused to take his candidacy seriously are now upset that the left-of-center Barack Obama isn't more like Kucinich. Moore was 'progressive' well before 'progressive' was just a safe variation on the much-slandered 'liberal'. His movies are always entertaining and thoughtful, and they stand on better factual ground than most of his critics give him credit for. I still think Bowling For Columbine may be his peak, although the first half of Sicko was pretty devestating. We'll see how effective he is when this now very-much known celebrity attempts to interview the very social class that he's railed against for a good twenty-five years.

Scott Mendelson

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