Saturday, June 27, 2009

Richard Kelly's The Box gets a trailer...

Warning, this trailer appears more spoilerish than I appreciated. View at your own risk...

This looks like a trashy, B-movie good time. The premise is a simple and compelling one, although I wonder how they'll maintain a full-length feature from what I'm betting had its origins as a short story. I've always been a James Marsden fan, and the idea of Frank Langella as the evil dude who controls everything is all-but irresistible (dig that half-missing face). All that, plus my favorite untrustworthy character actor, James Rebhorn. Cameron Diaz's southern accent is a bit distracting at first, but if the movie is any good, that will pass almost immediately. I was never a hardcore Donny Darko fan and I never saw Southland Tales, but this clearly looks like Richard Kelly's attempt to break out with a more mainstream, star-driven potboiler. It should be fun.

Scott Mendelson

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