Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jonathan Mostow's comeback, The Surrogates, now has a trailer.

I'm a big Jonathan Mostow fan. I loved Breakdown, rather appreciated U-571 and, yes I darn well enjoyed the low-key and grim Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (yes, it's better than the butchered theatrical cut of Terminator Salvation). So I'm certainly glad to see that he's back in the game after six long years. Along with this Bruce Willis action vehicle, he also is allegedly directing the Sub-Mariner adaptation for Marvel, plus he has his nose in that would-be Escape From New York remake (guess what, the original isn't very good) and a Swiss Family Robinson update.

And this looks like an uncommonly intriguing science-fiction thriller, with a premise that is just a little similar to Strange Days, and equally enticing (basically people have robot surrogates that live their lives for them). However, BIG WARNING, the last scene of the trailer may or may not contain a huge spoiler. Something happens that I would assume happens near the end of the film. Maybe I'm wrong, but just in case, you should view this trailer at your own discretion.

Scott Mendelson


Anonymous said...

How bad do you think Terminator Salvation was cut up?

Because while watching the film and thinking back on the trailers for it, it just seems that a lot of character dialogue was the point where nobody had an arc..especially Christian and Bryce...

I mean, I immediately thought of the Kingdom of Heaven theatrical cut when I left the theatre. You cut just feel the cuts in this thing.

I hope McG gets a chance to release his preferred cut on DVD in fall

Scott Mendelson said...

I'm actually in contact with McG's publicists to see if I can get a comment about just that (writing for Huff Post opens all kinds of doors). Obviously if I'm successful, I'll post an article accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Again, I'm with you. This thing got butchered...and I just wonder why?

Watchmen maybe?


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