Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first trailer for The Princess and the Frog: Walt Disney's return to 2D animation.

If the YouTube video is taken down, please go here for an official Quicktime version.

First of all, YAY for one bloody cartoon that isn't in 3D this year. Granted, 3D is neat, but I'd like to start taking my daughter to the movies during off-times, but I fear what the 3D effects (or watching a 3D movie without the glasses) will do to her eyes. Second of all, this looks like oodles of old fashioned fun, very much in the vein of the Disney 1990s epics that redefined them following a thirty-five year slump. The animation is rich, the characters seem well, charactery, and the New Orleans setting should provide plenty of distinct local color. Speaking of color, the film is getting press for featuring Disney's first African American lead 'princess' character. Fair enough, but I do find it curious that said breakthrough occurs in a film where the female lead apparently spends at least 2/3 of the film as a frog (something that the trailer tries very hard to hide). No biggie, this still looks like an old-fashioned winner from the studio that more or less invented the art form.

Scott Mendelson

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