Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wolverine spin-off to feature comic book costumes? Plus the hilarious new poster.

It's a rare thing when the summer movie season starts with such a big question mark. But the behind the scenes drama regarding X-Men Origins: Wolverine has left the film in serious danger of playing more like Van Helsing than X2: X-Men United. Still, I did notice these action figures while out and about today. The odd thing is that these figures seem to be closer to the comic book counterparts than how the characters allegedly appear in the film. Especially interesting is this pic below, which again seems to suggest that Logan will be donning his comic-book 'yellow tights and spandex' costume. I certainly have not read that anywhere, but then specifics on this movie are pleasantly scarce. At least this figure set actually gives you a few villains (Sabretooth, Deadpool, Gambit, and uh... Agent Zero?) to go along with the standard five versions of Wolverine.

As for this new international poster, is Fox even trying anymore? At best, this brings back not-so-fond memories of Darth Vader's Frankenstein bit at the climax of Revenge Of The Sith. At worst well, am I the only one who thinks it looks like Logan is really trying to hold his bladder? Or, judging by the bulge, it kind of looks like he's popped a most painful adamantium erection of some kind. Either way, the somewhat bright and sunny day plus that not exactly terrifying action pose - not exactly something to inspire confidence from geeks. And unless it's better than the buzz and advertising would suggest, Fox must be insane to release it in France two days prior to the release date (Les critiques d'accord: Wolverine, le film est très mauvais!). Having said that, my expectations for this one are so low that I might just enjoy it by default. Paramount must be jumping for joy. Star Trek may end up being the 'kick off' film of summer after all.

Scott Mendelson


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