Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Wolverine trailer... (yawn)

It's visually handsome, seemingly well-acted, and chock full of stylized action set pieces. But it still feels so... hallow and insignificant. It still has the problem of the Powerpuff Girls Movie (ie - spending a full movie to recount information that was already explained in short hand). It still feels like two-hours of watching suspenseless action as a man who basically can't be killed embarks on a quest for revenge. I like Jackson and I love Liv Shreiber, but this doesn't seem terribly exciting. This certainly feels like a Friday at 9am movie for me (if AMC hopefully starts doing that again for the summer season... a great way to catch a new movie before the work day starts). Oh well, if I'm wrong you'll hear it here first.

Scott Mendelson

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