Monday, March 2, 2009

Anne Hathaway as Harley Quinn in Chris Nolan's next Batman sequel?

This is an old magazine cover, something I meant to comment on ages ago but never got around to it (the Joan Rivers thing below reminded me). While having Harley Quinn in the next Batman film would be a stunningly terrible idea, this seemingly photo shopped picture of Miss Hathaway does make her seem... awfully happy. Ah, the glories of photo shop... taking a naturally gorgeous woman and making her just a little... too perfect? Random thoughts for the day, while I think of something more meaningful to write about (box office thoughts should be along shortly, pending final numbers). Besides, let's see if some British tabloid picks up on this and starts squawking that Hathaway has actually been cast in 'Batman 3' as Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

Scott Mendelson


Alitta said...

Woooo, this would be great if she really is a cast of Batman!

Anders said...

Hello Scott,
Just informing you that I have awarded your great blog a Dardo Award!
Info is here:

I've always enjoy reading your commentary on film, especially box office insight.


Anonymous said...

A few years later and you learn you were almost right...


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