Friday, March 6, 2009

New Public Enemies trailer... Heat part II (or LA Takedown part III)

Apparently, Michael Mann is remaking his 1987 TV movie LA Takedown for the second time. The whole thing seems a bit... conventional, like the equally uninspired American Gangster. To the trailer's credit, they don't try to make John Dillinger into a mythical hero, ala American Gangster or Blow (ie 'he flooded the cities with lethal narcotics, but it's ok cause he bought his mom a house'). I can't say I'm a fan of the HD video format, especially for a period piece. It may be a polished, big budget Michael Mann picture, but it still looks like direct-to-DVD Lionsgate horror film in certain shots. I actually had an opportunity to see a test screening of this about a month ago, but I ended up taking my wife to something else. From the looks of things, I think I made the right call. The cast seems terrific (always good to see Stephen Lang), but this feels very much paint-by-numbers. Again, I'd love to be wrong.

Scott Mendelson

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