Saturday, December 6, 2008

Punisher: War Zone tanks on Friday (bad news for female directors?)

The Punisher: War Zone is pretty lousy, that much I stated yesterday. But, I'm desperately concerned that its $1.6 million Friday gross is somehow going to be seen as a judgment on women directing hard action films (especially in light of Lexi Alexander's alleged behind the scenes turmoil). For what it's worth, the ways in which it is bad have nothing to do with the gender of the director.

Also, something that I touched on earlier this week, what are we to make of three films (Madagascar 2, Quantum Of Solace, Twilight) opening well north of $60 million (2 near $70 million), none of which will likely reach $175 million, let alone $200 million? Are we getting to the point where legs are so bad that a film has to open to $80 million to make it to $200 million without some divine intervention?

Scott Mendelson

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