Thursday, December 18, 2008

And so the day was saved thanks to... Wolverine?

I think I’ve figured out what’s bugging me about the Wolverine movie and its respective trailer

The whole films seems, at a glance, to have the same problem that The Powerpuff Girls Movie had back in summer, 2002. That movie was an origin story through and through, except we already knew the origins of both the Powerpuff Girls and nemesis Mojo Jojo (from the opening title sequence, and from a single Mojo-centered episode, respectively). So basically they spent 72 minutes explaining in extra longhand something that had been adequately dealt with.

We already have a pretty good idea, thanks to X2: X-Men United, about how Wolverine became Wolverine, and I don’t think we need to see every little detail anymore than we need to see yet another ‘here’s how Jigsaw found that pen from two movies ago′ scene that occurs in every Saw sequel.

Scott Mendelson

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