Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch/Discuss: Kick Ass 2 gets a red-band trailer.

I'm not allowed to post my The Incredible Burt Wonderstone review quite yet, but I will say that this film and the one opening Friday marks an interesting turn for Jim Carrey, theoretically eschewing the pure star vehicle in favor of broadly comic "I'm just here to be funny" supporting turns.  Since Carrey never really had that portion of his career where he slowly broke into lead vehicles (like for example Will Ferrell), this is pretty new territory for him and something I look forward to as we near the 20th anniversary of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective next January (congrats - you're old).  Anyway, the rest of the trailer seems fine, although I can't help wondering if this will be a classic case of 'rooting against action', where we want to maintain the happy ending of the first film, with Dave living happily with his father and dating Katie (who happily is returning) while young Mindy gets the childhood she was previously denied.  

But those issues aside, the film looks pretty entertaining, with a frankly somewhat less obnoxious tone this time around.  The first film was smarter and more thoughtful than the marketing implied, so one can hope to see the same this time around. Interestingly enough, Chloe Moretz has probably become the biggest star in the cast, aside from Carrey of course, in the three years since the first film debuted.  So it's no surprise that we see her quite a bit out of costume this time around.  I'm disheartened by reports from Moretz herself that Hit Girl will have a love interest this time around, as I kinda liked the fact that she was relatively asexual last time out, but that arguably ties into another essay I may write sometime soon. I can only hope it is written in a manner that allows her to maintain authority and/or metaphorically stay on top.  Anyway, Kick Ass 2 comes out August 16th, having recently been moved from June 28th.  As always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson     


Brandon Peters said...

This also appears to be a vintage Jim Carrey we've not seen since probably Me Myself & Irene where he just sinks to the point of no return into an outrageous character.

I was unsure about a sequel to Kick Ass, but this looks terrific.

Can I hope for a flashback sequence in which Nic Cage and Jim Carrey share the screen together?

obthavariable said...

I think Hit Girl's love interest is going to be Kick Ass, and as we can see, she definitely has the upper hand in that relationship whether it's physically or romantically. And we probably won't be "rooting against action" since it seems like the threat of the uprising villain(s) (which was the cliffhanger of the first movie) will keep them occupied regardless of whether they stayed quiet or grew in numbers. And finally, Jim Carrey is TOTALLY unrecognizable. I didn't pick up it was him even though I knew he was in it. Getting to see him play way outside the box we've known him for makes me even more excited than I already am.

-J- said...

The "out of costume Hit Girl" portions of the trailer towards the beginning have me a little nervous with where they're taking her character, since it seems to be emphasizing that she's 16 this time around (and thus fair game to be ogled?) instead of 12 (which was a key part of her character in the first movie). However, the back half of the trailer was so enjoyable (Jim Carey and Christopher Mintz-Plasses hamming it up especially) that I totally brushed away those concerns by the end. I'm both excited and cautiously optimistic for how this will turn out.


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