Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Iron Man 3 gets a final and frankly terrific trailer...

I'll add commentary later today.  But for the moment, this looks like a pretty terrific action thriller that just happens to be a superhero threequel.  It's good to see that the bad guy isn't just targeting Stark this time around, and this may in fact dive head-first into the politics that the second film only skirted around.  Could this finally break the curse of the comic book part 3?  Share your thoughts below...

Scott Mendelson

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corysims said...

I'll just be that guy. Clearly, this is on a smaller, more personal scale but why doesn't Tony use his iPhone or JARVIS to call SHIELD?

I know this type of thing works in comics but I don't think it will on cinema screens. You can go from "superhero team up movie of a lifetime" to "small and personal where the hero has no way of contacting his buddies from the past film".

On top of that, you've got Rhodey. He doesn't have a direct line to SHIELD?

I'm sure the film will be fun and all that but after Avengers (and besides Thor being in another dimension), I don't see how you back to the lone hero bit.


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