Thursday, March 21, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness gets another weirdly generic trailer.

Isn't Star Trek supposed to be about star trekking?  Ya know, exploring strange new worlds, seeking new life and new civilizations, and possibly going where no man has gone before?  This may look like a decent action thriller, but it also feels like a painfully generic adventure that happens to be painted in Star Trek paint.  Benadict Cumberbatch shows up, Cumberbatch commits several acts of terrorism, Kirk goes after Cumberbatch.  I sincerely hope there is more to the story than that and there may very well be.  But what we've seen so far suggests the film boldly going where any number of sequels have gone before.  And, if I may, why oh why couldn't Paramount wait until next weekend to debut this with G.I. Joe: Retaliation?  Anyway, Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 15th in IMAX 3D and May 17th elsewhere domestically.  As always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson  


Anonymous said...

Honestly I've been questioning the excitement for this since the first trailer. I've seen nothing here, and I continue to see nothing that excites me about seeing this movie. Looks rather generic besides the fine work of the people at ILM

Brandon Peters said...

Wasn't this the case with the first one, too? Its got all the character names, costumes and ships of the original series, but without the smarts, without the soul...instead trading it for amp'ing up the scale, the action and the "cool". Wouldn't it be cool if it could do both with no sacrificing?

AbramsTrek has been fun and entertaining so far, but its not really what Star Trek is about. Its more Star Wars disguised as Star Trek

James O'Leary said...

What the Star Trek franchise needs is someone at the helm who knows and cares about Star Trek. Abrams is not that guy. Paramount hired someone who could milk the cow, but who doesn't know the first thing about the care and feeding of the animal--and doesn't want to know. Sadly, neither, it seems, does Paramount. If ever there was a franchise that need to be given over to the fans, it's this one. By the way, did anyone else see this trailer as "Skyfall" in outer space?


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