Monday, July 30, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Visually dazzling Cloud Atlas seems like the exact sort of ambitious film-making we claim we want.

Wow... just wow.  This went up a few days ago in a bootleg form, but it was worth the wait for the pristine 1080p version.  This is exactly the kind of film that we claim Hollywood lacks the nerve to make and yet here it is.  It's based on an acclaimed science fiction novel.  It stars the likes of Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturges, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Keith David, Jim Broadbent, and James D'Arcy.  It cost $100 million to make yet looks like it cost $500 million.  It's rated R.  It runs 164 minutes.  For those who claim that Hollywood doesn't make movies for adults anymore, you kinda have a duty to check this out in three months.  Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis are co-directing this Warner Bros pick-up and it looks pretty spectacular to say the least.  Since I have not read the 2004 book that this film is based on, I cannot say how spoiler-ish this footage is, but considering how under-the-radar this picture is 90 days before its debut, I'd argue that this is a necessary marketing tool to get people talking.  Long story short, this looks spectacular and instantly shoots to the upper-realms of my 'must-see' list for fall/winter 2012.  To be fair my secret wish is for Cloud Atlas to be so good that it causes people to reevaluate the inexplicably undervalued brilliance of Speed Racer and even (to a lesser extent) the Matrix sequels.  Cloud Atlas opens on October 26th.  I suppose 'we'll see', but yeah, go see it regardless.

Scott Mendelson      


corysims said...

It does look wonderful. And yes, if this gets people to reevaluate one of the best family films in decades (Speed Racer), that would be nice too.

Frantisek Dezorz said...

this is independent german production, a film made from foreign presales. WB didnt let anybody do anything, they just bought US distribution rights. (for 20 millions)

Callum Luscott said...

This looks absolutely fantastic, and because of the fact it looks so good, i am now extremely angry because as someone who lives in England, i am going to have to wait until ''early 2013'' to see it. that is a big load of crap right there. Anyway i too really hopes this does well for the Wachowskis. I appreiate, if not outright love there work so good luck to them

Disco Paco said...

What Frantisek Dezorz said. I read this was Tom Tykwer's baby that he was writing with The Wachowskis then later on they jumped on board as directors too. That would explain the German funding. COME ON, SCOTT!! You're better than this. :)

Frantisek Dezorz said...

To scott defence, we all want studios to make intelligent high-costers, and this looked like one of them. We all hope studios (the big six) didn’t forget how to make good movies. At first sight, cloud atlas with 100M budget doesn’t look like a typical production made outside Hollywood. Easy to get confused, isn’t it?
It is yet to be seen how financially successful this film will be. I keep my fingers crossed so it makes as much money as it can. We need expensive outside productions, we need them to be successful if we want more intelligent films to be made.

As for the film itself, i am sceptical. The book is philosophical wannabie fiction from a sci fi writer. Metafiction for young adults. Mallick´s tree of life for wider audience. Try to read italo calvino´s if on a winter nights a traveller, which cloud atlas has been inspired by. This is a witty meta fictional masterpiece to compare quality of the book.

Well, all 3 directors have proved to be good in making very good action films with such philosophical themes. I am afraid, though, this one will take itself more seriously than matrix or lola runs. it will not probably be my cup of tea. I have a feeling, Ang lee´s life of pi will be much better. It is not metaficionally complex, but has a similar philosophical approach. And the book, which is it based on, is much better.

Sam said...

Like this reading of it, regardless of where the money came from. The book too, Scott, is excellent. Really recommend you pick it up and at least get halfway through before the film hits. The way Mitchell manages 6 narratives and 6 different writing styles is truly a wonder. Hope the directors manage to capture some of that on film.


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