Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James Bond tells Jason Bourne (and that 'other guy') to piss off in two terrific new Skyfall trailers.

Two new trailers, one international and one domestic, have dropped for the new 007 film Skyfall.  And while they are both pretty much identical, they are both terrific previews.  Just a hint of plot, just a dash of new characters (it will be interesting seeing Javier Bardem play arguably the first 'super villain' in this specific Bond universe), and tons of incredibly impressive action beats.  There's not much to say other than 'Yes, do watch this!', although I worry that a one-two shot near the end hints at a pretty big spoiler.  No matter, Sam Mendes's Skyfall looks like another rock-solkid entry  in the long running series.  It opens on October 26th in the UK and November 9th in America.

Scott Mendelson    

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