Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls adaptation gets a trailer.

This looks about right. The trailer sells the tone, the atmosphere, and the huge cast, rather than the plot. Although attentive viewers may notice a spoiler shot or two so be forewarned. The only problem is that there is no reference to the play that this film is based on, or its original author Ntozake Shange. It's understandable that Lionsgate would highlight their biggest asset, but the trailer falsely implies that the film is another Tyler Perry original feature, rather than his first adaptation of someone else's material. Obviously we won't know if this is an actual Oscar contender (hence the date change) until the week of November 5th, although I can't imagine a cast this impressive not garnering at least one acting nod (Loretta Devine?) unless the film is genuinely mediocre. A hopeful sign will be if this one actually screens for press ahead of time, as most of Tyler Perry's films went out blind following the critical drubbing of Diary of a Mad Black Woman back in spring 2005. As always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson

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