Friday, September 10, 2010

Saw VII 3D gets a silly trailer.

I'm sorry, but this just reeks of desperation. It's no secret that I have a soft spot for this franchise, and three out of the six prior chapters (II, III, and VI) were darn good horror films. But this is just a stupid, silly, pandering trailer. Say what you will about the Saw series, but it always took itself seriously. This trailer makes it look like a Final Destination sequel, and it implies that this seventh and allegedly final chapter will have nothing to offer except for its 3D gimmickry. Of course, that may very well be true, as the exceptional Saw VI pretty much wrapped up every conceivable loose end, dispatching most of its supporting cast and giving a sense of finality to John Kramer's epic game. We'll know soon enough, as the film opens on October 29th. I've made it this far, hell I met my eventual wife on a date to see Saw II (her choice, luckily I had already seen The Legend of Zorro at a test screening months earlier), so we'll be there with bells on... one last time.

Scott Mendelson

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