Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why is this news? More random Batman 3 speculation becomes NEWS!

Why is it news when actor/comedian Dane Cook exclaims in an interview that he'd like to play The Riddler in the next Batman picture? I'm pretty sure any and all actors in their right mind would like to play Edward Nygma in Chris Nolan's hypothetical Dark Knight sequel. But why is it news when an actor who hasn't a shot in hell of being cast as The Riddler announces that he'd like to play The Riddler? And why does MTV Blog's twitter feed advertise it as "Dane Cook For The Riddler In The Next 'Batman'?" That of course implies that it's more than one actor idly daydreaming.

Two thoughts: First of all, if that's news, then here's another huge scoop: I, Scott Mendelson, would also love to play Mr. Nygma if I was offered the opportunity. Second of all, to paraphrase a Sam Raimi quote from about ten years ago, I'm pretty sure that if Chris Nolan had his way, Dane Cook wouldn't be allowed to see the third Batman film, let alone appear in it.

Scott Mendelson

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