Friday, November 27, 2009

To pimp Ryan Reynolds, MTV blogger randomly makes up record-breaking statistic for The Proposal...

Did Terry Schwartz just randomly make this up? In a random post published September 1st (linked to in a Thanksgiving article concerning Ryan Reynolds), Schwartz proclaims that The Proposal is the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all-time. Well, since it outgrossed Sex and the City: The Movie, then it must be the biggest ever, right? Uh... no. Aside from the fact that the author has no clue that Sandra Bullock is an actual box office draw (a film made money, let's give the man all the credit!), The Proposal is actually the sixth-highest grossing romantic comedy of all time. Sixth. Not first, not second or third... sixth place. From Box Office Mojo's list:

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($241,438,208)
2. What Women Want ($182,811,707)
3. Hitch ($179,495,555)
4. Pretty Woman ($178,406,268)
5. There's Something About Mary ($176,484,651)
6. The Proposal ($163,958,031)
7. Sex and the City ($152,647,258)

Was that so hard? Ten seconds on Box Office Mojo was all it took. What exactly caused Terry Schwartz to think that The Proposal was the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time? And more importantly, who the hell let her print that without asking her to check the numbers to make sure that the entire article wasn't completely and totally false?


Lisa said...

Hitch, really??? ugh awful movie. I am surprised When Harry Met Sally is not on that list

rakeback said...

I thought The Proposal was surprisingly good for a romantic comedy!


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