Friday, November 13, 2009

DVD Review: Gone With the Wind (1939)

Gone With the Wind
Rated G
233 minutes
Available on 2-disc DVD, 6-disc DVD, and Blu Ray on Tuesday, November 17th.
by Scott Mendelson

This is going to be really short, kiddies. Gone With the Wind is, when inflation is accounted for, the most popular theatrical release of all time. So either you love this movie, you hate this movie, or you're a young film geek that never got around to seeing it. Truth be told, if you're in any of the former two categories, you really should pick up the lavish Blu Ray set of this instead. This two-disc DVD collection contains only the feature itself, plus a feature-length commentary, which is (I believe) the same commentary that was on the prior four-disc DVD release from November 2004. But if you don't have access to Blu Ray, you could do worse than this movie-only set. It lacks the copious extras on the four-disc DVD from 2004 as well as the 6-disc DVD set and the Blu Ray collection. On either DVD option, the film looks and sounds better than it ever has and probably ever will in standard-definition. Quick take - if you love the film, buy the Blu Ray or the 6-disc DVD set. If you don't have Blu Ray and don't want a massive case on your bookshelf, pick this up for the improved picture and sound, but keep your older mega-set for the extras. This one is only reccomended as a rental, for the film fan who never got around to seeing this and only plans to watch it once.

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