Monday, November 2, 2009

Look out! Thematic Elements!

To all those complaining that A Christmas Carol is too dark and scary for children I say bah, humbug! It's scary when it needs to be, and kids will be just terrorized enough to feel like they're getting away with something. Zemeckis's 3D work is so far ahead of his peers that it's not even funny. Jim Carrey does his best work since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Alas, the second act flies by and the third act drags a little, but the first act is near flawless. A full review will be coming early tomorrow.

Scott Mendelson

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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

I am SO sick of these stupid parents complaining about this or that being too scary for kids. One idiotic journalist from Newsweek decried the documentary EARTH, claiming that it's too "scary" for kids. And then there's the morons who decried WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, claiming that it's too "dark" for kids. What? They're only allowed to watch slap-happy, fake Disney crap?

For the past decade, parents have become such f--king pussies.


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