Friday, October 2, 2009

"Exclusive" 2012 scene that gives away the store.

Well, that did nothing for me at all. The sad thing, I know full-well that I'll be dragged to this on opening weekend. Universal Soldier was boring. Stargate was boring, stupid, and illogical (don't argue, I've had to watch the movie several times in the last week for work-related reasons). Godzilla was dull and anticlimactic. The Day After Tomorrow had nothing going for it except a jail-bait Emmy Rossum. I'll be kind and not bring up 10,000 BC. So the question is, how in the hell did Independence Day end up so damn good? Glancing at IMDB for answers, I'm struck by the irony that worst film of summer 1998 (Godzilla) is written by the same duo responsible for the best film of summer 1998 (The Mask of Zorro). Oh, and let me give credit where credit is due, The Patriot is a more entertaining, darker, and just plain better movie that Gladiator. So, aside from perhaps better casting, why are ID4 and The Patriot so good and everything else touched by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin so bad? Yes, I'm rambling, but I have nothing interesting to say about the five-minutes of disaster-porn above. Although I do wonder if Sony has in fact given away most of the actual 'money-shots' in that clip, as most of the bits of carnage I remember from the trailer are included in those five minutes.

Scott Mendelson

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