Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shutter Island gets a second trailer.

This is a longer, somewhat more conventional trailer. It also feels less spoiler-y as it avoids explicitly stating any plot past the basic set-up. This sell feels more like a thriller and less like a supernatural horror show, although it gets kooky right at the end. Oh, and that scary-faced guy at 1:58 is Elias Koatas. At first I thought it was De Niro in his Mary Shelly's Frankenstein make-up. I didn't even notice that Koatas was in the film, so I hope that in itself was not a surprise (he's listed on IMDB). Of course, Elias Koatas is one of my favorite character actors, so his presence is just another bonus for this engrossing-looking little thriller. And John Carroll Lynch is more than reliable, and he too is an always-welcome character actor. When given a bigger than normal role, he basically stole Things We Lost In The Fire from Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro. There are few things more enjoyable than auteur directors playing in genre filmmaking (The Prestige, Inside Man, etc), and this looks like another A-level B-movie from Martin Scorsese.

Scott Mendelson

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