Monday, October 26, 2009

Separating the film from the icky motives.

I'll probably be at the 9:30pm IMAX showing of This Is It tomorrow night at the walking-distance close AMC Promenade in Woodland Hills. It's partially because it's the rare shot to write an early review for a major movie without having to trek out to Santa Monica or Hollywood during rush hour (and it's well after my daughter has gone to bed). Truth be told, as a long-ago fan from the 80s, I'd actually be far more interested in this if Michael Jackson wasn't dead. It might very well be an interesting rock documentary, a fun look inside the work environment of a very private entertainer. but the obvious exploitation at work cast a pall over what otherwise might be enjoyable fluff. Still, the film is news and what's actually in it will be worth noting. But I just hope I don't feel too dirty walking out of the theater. If I do attend, expect a review sometime Wednesday morning.

Scott Mendelson

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