Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Box Office Bingo...

Not much to report here...

Wall-E - with universally fantastic reviews, and manufactured controversy about the film's content (it's about the environment, no it's about fat people, no it's about consumerism, etc), expect a solid $65 million this weekend, with terrific legs to follow. But, anything above $50 million is just fine for this downright ballsy art house cartoon that's sure to be popular and leggy.

Wanted - It's terrible, but the critics overall seem to be giving it a pass. The marketing has been solid and there is real desire for a hard-R violence-filled action film. On that note, this film more or less delivers. So expect Wanted to debut to about $35 million (anything over $30 million is a triumph), which will hopefully help ease talk about whether women can open action films if they have at least the appearance of quality. James McAvoy is the star, but this thing is being sold completely on Angelina Jolie.

More tomorrow when the actual numbers pour in.

Scott Mendelson

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