Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"How do you measure.. seven whole years?" (35 ways apparently)

Yay to Dennis Kucinich (Rep - D - Ohio) for introducing 35 articles of impeachment against George W Bush on the Senate floor yesterday. He did the same to Vice President Dick Cheney last year. It won't go anywhere (the Cheney matter is still 'in committee') as House leader Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said 'impeachment is off the table'. I can understand her need to say that since, if Bush and Cheney are both thrown out, Pelosi becomes president. But it's good that at least someone is getting it on the congressional record.

Kucinich may be odd, he may be a little quirky, and he's not always right (he was pretty hardcore anti-abortion until 2002), but he was alone last year among the presidential candidates in actually advocating a purely liberal, progressive policy set. He voted against the Patriot Act ('because I read it', he defiantly stated during a Democratic Presidential debate last year), he voted against the Iraq War in every capacity, and he was the only candidate advocating a 'single-payer' health care system. And his oft-mocked 'Department Of Peace' cabinet-level agency sounds better and better every day. On issues of war and peace, Kucinich is a liberal, a progressive, and a patriot.

Anyway, this Belfast Telagraph article also lists each and every count of impeachment that was offered yesterday. Various CSPAN clips of this (presumably) long speech are available on YouTube as we speak.

Scott Mendelson

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