Monday, June 30, 2008

Quantum Of Solace trailer goes online...

Here's a Movie Box link for downloads...

At a glance...

This is a very confident teaser. I have always enjoyed the teasers for the second film in each Bond actor's career. The familiarity and the fearlessness on display. They know Craig works just fine, just as the teaser for Tomorrow Never Dies made it seem like Brosnan was always there.

The film seems in danger of again doing the 'Bond makes it personal and goes off the grid in his quest for vengeance' plot line that was used in License To Kill and sampled in Diamonds Are Forever. Don't ya just love how the cold, vengeance-fueled Bond that everyone hated in Timothy Dalton with License To Kill is now considered hip and cool? For the record, take another gander at The Living Daylights. It's easily the most 'real-world' and complicated James Bond movie ever. Even more than Goldeneye or From Russia With Love, you really have to pay attention in this one.

The action seems far more over the top and stunt packed than Casino Royale. It'll be interesting if Marc Forster can keep a balance with the new, more down-to-earth tone and the potentially super heroic action on display.

To be fair, I'm still annoyed that Martin Campbell wasn't asked back. Martin Campbell made two vastly different 007 films (Goldeneye and Casino Royale), and they are both two of the best non-Connery Bonds ever. The key is keeping the characters grounded and intelligent, and making the action fluid and logical enough to follow and enjoy. Bitter pill that Martin Campbell never got credit for either of his two rejuvenations of this series. In a just world, he would have become the new Terrance Young after Casino Royale.

Last note - how the heck are they going to write a semi-coherent Bond song with the lyrics 'Quantum Of Solace'? I'm betting they cheat, as they did with 'All Time High' in Octopussy, and just ignore the title.

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