Monday, May 21, 2012

Watch/Discuss: Skyfall gets a sparse but imposing teaser.

This is a teaser in the best sense of the word, sharing absolutely no real plot details and barely intruding any major characters.  All you need to know is that Daniel Craig and Judy Dench are back in their respective roles and that something called 'skyfall' is the cause of some genuine trouble.  The film looks lush and colorful with a handful of scenes suggesting not just Bond attempting to prevent a cataclysm but dealing with the aftermath of one.  The footage suggests an intimacy that befits the Craig 007 pictures with a slightly larger scope this time around.  As someone who loved Casino Royale and damn-well liked Quantum of Solace, I hope they haven't altered the formula too much in response to the latter film's inexplicable critical rejection.  I know I say this a lot, but part of me hopes that Sony has the guts to let this stand as the primary marketing tool for the picture, without the need to release a 150-second plot-centric trailer sometime in August.  Still, this looks like both a solid James Bond picture and a declarative 'up yours' to The Bourne Legacy.  Skyfall drops on November 9th in America in 35mm and IMAX.  As always, we'll see.

Scott Mendelson   

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Thuan Dang said...

This teaser trailer brought to me so many references to The Dark Knight/Nolan.

1. First shot of him looking out at city, this is a generic hero pose/establishing shot but the black color of his clothes with the little end of his coat caught in the wind is the first hint at Batmanness.
2. 3rd shot of him posing in silhouette. Now this wouldn't be anything big but the shot shows a hanging coat behind him and it just happens to hang essentially from his back like a cape.
3. The interrogation room. Well they both have interrogation room sequences. and also...
4. Asian place. just saying.
5. Bond running through street with police cars behind him.
6. Body into water, similar to Batman logo reveal in trailers.
7. Inception fall.
8. Clouded valley as if we're back in Batman Begins.
9. Train going through wall, hitting ground, crumbling stuff. Inception.
10.The Bond eyes reveal in the dark hallway.
11. Joker looking guy in silhouette behind burning house.
12. Now this one takes the cake. Half face bond with blue thing on the other side. Dark blue rises from the light blue similar to that of Batman mask or actually more like Wolverine mask.

Skyfall - Sky as in,well, sky. Sky to day and night. Night to Knight. or Night to Dark. Fall like down. Down like down into a pit. Pit is dark. Back to Dark. Or fall to trip, stumble, laying on the ground. What does one do when one is on the ground. They rise = Dark Knight Rises.


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