Monday, October 10, 2011

Relativity releases a bunch of photos, but no title, for their Snow White film.

I don't usually post about every photo from every movie, but Relativity was nice enough to send me a batch of photos all in one handy file, so why not?  Anyway, we get glances at Lily Collins as Snow White, Julia Roberts as 'the Wicked Queen', Arnie Hammer as 'the Prince', and all seven dwarves.  While most of the pictures try to sell the 'fairy-tale beauty' and/or 'virginal innocence' of the title character, the best picture is the cast photo above.  Not only is Collins actually smiling, there is a sense of playful wickedness that is lacking from the other photos.  Obviously the Tarsem Singh project will be visually scrumptious, and I'm all for films that actually have bright and bold colors, but I still fear for an industry that feels the need to have three (3!) Snow White projects coming out over the next year.  Anyway, the other bazillion photos are after the jump.  Enjoy.

Scott Mendelson


BlindBocephus said...

I really don't mind re-imagining classic novels, plays, and fairy-tales, and to some extent, movies. This however, doesn't interest me a bit. When I read that Julia Roberts was playing the Wicked Queen, I thought that may be a pretty cool change for an actress that has never really impressed me that much. I am always up for actors stepping out of type. When I saw the photos (first on JoBlo, now in higher res here), I again lost all interest. This may end up being a really nice interpretation that will be loved by children and adults who tire of all the dark re-imaginings that abound, but it won't have my ticket money. I haven't liked Nathan Lane since whatever else he' s been in since The Birdcage (which was hilarious), Julia Roberts is always so dull, and the costumes look like they were stolen off of the set of Prêt-à-Porter. I will probably check out one of the other ones that will be out around the same time.

Diane Lowe said...

I'm not a fan of Julia Roberts either. . . .this looks like a rental to me. What's up with the swan hat?

Scott, I agree that 3 Snow White films is a bit excessive. . . . .I have to wonder how similar they end up being with the studios playing it "safe" and all? I was sorely disappointed with Robin Hood last year.

cdog said...

what a joke


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