Monday, October 10, 2011

The Muppets gets another trailer, and more character posters.

I actually had a chance to see this way back in August when it 'test-screened' at a nearby AMC.  Three days after the screening, the film had its PG-rating, meaning that it was likely the final cut.  Alas, my daughter wouldn't pretend to be six-years old and claimed she didn't like the Muppets, so I threw a spoon at her head (in my mind...).  The trailer above is pretty broad, but it's actually a trailer for the actual movie (as opposed to a spoof trailer) and it openly admits the difficulties that the film will face in terms of appealing to the younger audiences.  We adults are psyched, but will we have to drag our kids by the hair?  Anyway, enjoy this trailer and feast on the four posters (from I presume the UK as it lists a December 29th release date) after the jump. I'm sure you can guess which one is my favorite.  Thanks to Bleeding Cool for putting all four posters in one easily 'borrowed' photo file.

Scott Mendelson

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