Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man gets a teaser, which looks... familiar (in more ways that one).

At first glance, this teaser seems to be selling something akin to the Teen Wolf television show.  Take something that was first presented as light, peppy, and colorful, then redo it as an uber-grim and glum and oh-so-serious variation.  Still, Spider-Man, like Batman, has been done 10,000 different ways, so there is no harm in seeing another interpretation, even if it was a naked cash grab that spawned reboot-fever (if this hits, no franchise will ever make it to part IV again).  The piece looks moody, well-acted, and atmospheric, although the sense of deja vu permeates the whole thing.  Having said that, three things spring to mind. A) The climactic running sequence (arguably designed to show off the potential for 3D in this new Spidey flick) looks like something out of a first-person video game.  B) The score during the finale sounds an awful lot like Danny Elfman's score for the original Spider-Man.  I know it's probably not (not the main theme anyway), but you'd think Sony would want to distance themselves a bit more from the Sam Raimi trilogy.  C) It would appear that Marc Webb and company have spent a bit of time watching the terrific Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon that aired from 2008-2009.  It also told of a high-school-age Peter Parker, who's best pal Gwen Stacy worked in Doc Conners's lab.  It's not bad material to borrow from (the cartoon was stunningly well-written), I just hope if the final film is as similar that the proper people get acknowledgment.  And at least said cartoon didn't make us rehash the origin yet again (and it also didn't try to be pointlessly 'dark and gritty').  Anyway, this one comes out July 3rd, 2012.  As always, we'll see...  If you have thoughts, feel free to share them below.

Scott Mendelson  


Thuan Dang said...

The game you're thinking of is Mirror's Edge and I'll never understand having entire takes being CGI in a live action movie. I feel nothing and it's just so dull... Couldn't they have done a Trannies 3 and put a camera on a guy's head for at least some of that take?

Scott Mendelson said...

Thanks. I saw a Youtube clip from that game that looked identical to the Amazing Spider-Man teaser but couldn't find it this morning (or remember the name of the game).

corysims said...

This might be the Spider-Man film I've longed for. Hated the first one. Really like the second one but Scott's problems with that film mirror my own. I'm just not that harsh towards it. The less said about the third one, the better.

And yeah, it's giving off a Batman Begins vibe. And?

Aden Jordan said...

I don't like to judge films based mainly on trailers because they're designed first and foremost as commercials. I think that it's just too early to really have much of an idea of how this film will turn out. "500 Days of Summer" struck me as being a hypocritical, glossy, hipster-overload bore with some of the blandest, one-note young characters put to film so I personally have a very low opinion of Marc Webb as a filmmaker. Raimi and his cast dug their franchise's own grave with the pretty awful third Spiderman movie, but it's still pretty amazing that there is a reboot for Spiderman already. The last film only came out four years ago, and now we have another, separate series.


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