Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trailer: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I teaser shows off the Edward/Bella sex scene and makes you weep for Billy Burke.

First of all, this is the kind of confident and stylish teaser that you only get when you've got a track record behind you.  It feels so minimalist that you don't realize until the end that the brief clips pretty much reveal most of the story of the first picture.  The other thing of note is that the trailer actually shows Bella and Edward having sex.  Yes, the Twilight series is not overtly family-friendly, but it's still pretty daring of Summit to show off the fornication right there in the green-band clip.  And yes, that shot of the heartbroken and disappointed Billy Burke is far more potent than the extended Jacob whining session.  I have not read the books, but I will say that Billy Burke has brought such a level-headed humanity and sympathy to Bella's dad that he is the one I relate to throughout the films.  Yes, I do have a daughter and I'd be rather upset if she basically pissed away her future to marry a vampire right out of high school, but Burke's ongoing disillusionment is the kind of stuff that would have worked on me well before I became a dad.  So I guess I'm asking my readers who have read the books: are we supposed to feel bad for Charlie Swan, or is Billy Burke just too good of an actor for the material?

Scott Mendelson 


AngryBroomstick said...

oh man. There is SOOO gonna be a XXX porn parody rated version of Breaking Dawn soon enough.

mouse said...

But... Breaking Dawn is already a xxx porn parody all on its own. Why make a spoof of a spoof.

Mel said...

Too bad America and most of the world "thought" it was a "good" "idea" to dehumanize men by putting them in cages because they tell ladies their bosoms,cleavages and rears are comely.


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