Sunday, June 5, 2011

Credit where credit is due: Summit chooses not to bleed Twilight fans dry. Breaking Dawn still set to forgo 3D conversion.

I've seen the teaser trailer for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part I, but I won't be posting it until I'm sure its a legit copy that won't get yanked offline.  But for the moment, I'd like to acknowledge that Summit Entertainment has taken the higher road as it seeks to close out the blockbuster Twilight Saga over the next two years.  Yes, they have indeed split up the final book into two films, so their hands are not completely clean.  But it is surprising that Summit has (thus far) decided to forgo the 3D conversion gimmick that seems to be all the rage.  And frankly, it's an act of pure artistic restraint.  Twilight fans are arguably amongst the most rabid and fanatical in all of geekdom.  So no matter how much they might dislike 3D or don't want to pay the extra upcharge, they damn-well will pay whatever they have to pay to see the next two films in theaters.  The same goes I suppose for Harry Potter fans, which is why Warner earned kudos last year for releasing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I in 2D only.  The 'Twi-Hards' are perfect prey for a pointless and needless 3D conversion, which exist only to pump an extra 33% from 45-60% of the screens over the first two weekends or so from fans who were planning on seeing it anyway.  So Summit Entertainment deserves a moment of recognition for not going that route.

Scott Mendelson


mouse said...

From what I understand from fans of the series, there really was no way to do the events of the final book without splitting it into two films; just way too much happens. Being completely spoiled on the events of the final book (which are ludicrous, no seriously, just a total WTF-fest) I hope they are 100% faithful to the storyline so that I can watch the parents who encouraged their tweens to this fandom freak right out. It will be hilarious.

Scott Mendelson said...

Yes, I've heard that the final book is a true jaw-dropper. And yes, I'm sure it will be fun when the parents realize what's in store for the characters they encouraged their daughters to worship. Heck, the teaser (which I will post as soon as a legit version comes online) advertises the sex scene, which is actually kinda ballsy.

mouse said...

Given how that sex scene supposedly goes down, maybe that's why they didn't go 3-D? I'm (mostly) kidding.


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