Monday, February 8, 2010

All of the Super Bowl movie trailers in one place...

Oddly enough, there were no spots for any of the major summer contenders (Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Eclipse, Sex and the City 2, etc). Instead, the two summer spots went to mediocre also-rans (Robin Hood and Prince of Persia) and a major question mark (The Last Airbender). But, I digress, if you want to see what you didn't see on Sunday, here you go, courtesy of Movie-List.

Alice in Wonderland (March 5th)
This is probably the best spot yet for the Tim Burton quasi-sequel. Unlike the other trailers, this one does not have undue emphasis on Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter. Short and sweet, this one simply introduces the classic characters, gives a hint of a few major set pieces (like the dragon battle) and then exits stage right. Frankly, I'm a little concerned that the 'Alice returns to Wonderland and frees it from the Red Queen' will feel all-too similar to the recent SyFy Channel miniseries Alice, which basically had the same plot. Still, I seem to be the only Tim Burton fan who isn't psyched for this, so I imagine it'll open pretty huge on March 5th.

The Back Up Plan (April 23rd)
Not much to say as the film doesn't give away even a tiny bit regarding what the actual film is about, rather choosing to spend 30 seconds selling a singular gag ("Eww... childbirth is gross!") that wasn't that funny when Apatow did it in Knocked Up.

Brooklyn's Finest (March 5th)
I liked the full-length trailer when it premiered back in December. The cast is terrific and I'm always up for a good cop drama.

The Crazies (February 26th)
I've been told that the trailer gives away major spoilers, so I've avoided watching it. Same goes for this 30-second spot. Enjoy at your own peril.

The Last Airbender (July 2nd)
I've written at length about this teaser, so I'm not going to repeat myself. Since all of the other spots were for films that already had full-length trailers, this one was unique in that it was our first real glimpse at the film following a relatively brief teaser last July.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (May 28th)
I hated the trailer when I first saw it back in November, and this 30-second commercial does little to dispel just how bland and lifeless this looks. For all the (justified) chatter about The Last Airbender's race-unfriendly casting issues, I'm curious as to why no one seems to mind that Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton are theoretically playing... well, Persians. Surely Naveen Andrews was likely available.

Robin Hood (May 14th)
Words cannot express how much I don't care about this project. Once again, who will call foul when the same critics who trashed Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for its dark, violent, and more realistic take on the legend decided to praise Ridley Scott for doing the same trick?

Shutter Island (February 19th)
Needless to say, one version or another of this trailer has been playing so frequently and for so long that any regular moviegoer can probably recite the lines by heart ("We're like rats in a maze!", "We are duly-appointed federal marshals!", "It's like she evaporated straight through the walls!"). The film screens early next week but I'll be waiting as my wife wants to see it and its opening day coincides with our daughter's 'babysitting night' at her preschool.

The Wolfman (February 12th)
Not much to add at this point. It's screening tonight, but I have prior obligations (Disney Land with my parents and my daughter > Wolfman screening). Oddly, Universal tossed out a 90 second clip, at a cost of nearly $8 million.

And I think that's all of them.

Scott Mendelson

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Xiexie said...

The Alice and Wonderland doesn't play the spot for Alice in Wonderland. It plays a spot of The Backup Plan.


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