Monday, December 7, 2009

Season of the Witch trailer 02

This looks like another case of Nicolas Cage surrendering to his inner-geek. Speaking of geek, Lionsgate knows full well what demo it's chasing, as only the nerdiest amongst us know Ron Perlman well enough to care whether or not he gets billing. And, unless I missed it, I didn't see a single shot of Christopher Lee in this trailer, so maybe his appearance as Cardinal D'Amboise was supposed to be a third-act surprise. Regardless, this Dominic Sena (Gone in 60 Seconds, Swordfish, Whiteout) flick looks like a guilty-pleasure piece of religious-horror. And kudos for actually showing Mr. Cage killing a dog in the trailer. That takes guts. Season of the Witch opens March 19th, 2010.

Scott Mendelson

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