Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Iron Man 2 gets a teaser.

Rourke's Russian accent is a little goofy and that his presence is a little lacking for the core villain in the second film of a major franchise. But that gives hope that this sequel will be focused more on Stark than the antagonist(s). One of the things I did like about Spider-Man 2 was that the villain was basically there as an occasional punching bag in the midst of a very Peter Parker-centric story (however, telling that story with Doc Ock, the Spider-Man equivalent of The Joker, was a terrible mistake). But, I do like that the film seems to be addressing my biggest issues with the first film: A) Stark ended the film as the same selfish jerk that he was in the beginning, just with different motives. B) If Stark magically decided that his weapons were a bane to the world, he's got some karma to correct. The idea of a villain targeting Stark for the sins of his father seems like an ideal way to deal with both of these issues. Heck, the sequel that deals with said stuff may make the second film play better, since we know what's coming later on. We'll see.

Scott Mendelson

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