Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Frozen River Blu Ray (2008)

Frozen River
97 minutes
rated R (language)
release date - 02/10/09
price: $39.99 (buy it on Amazon for $29.99)
Sony Pictures Classics
1080P - 1.78:1 16x9 wide screen
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
English SDH, English and French subtitles
Special Feature - Commentary with director Courtney Hunt and producer Heather Rae

The Film:
Frozen River is one of the best films of 2008... period. Whatever issues I have with the Oscars this year, all will be forgiven if Melissa Leo wins the Best Actress award. Here's what I wrote about the film on my best-of-2008 wrap-up:

Melissa Leo, from Homicide: Life on the Street, finally gets a film role worthy of her talents. She and Misty Upam (no slouch herself) anchor a strikingly sparse, but brutally powerful film about the pain and stench of poverty and the desperation of the working poor. Leo stars as an impoverished mother of two, who turns to smuggling illegal aliens across the border in order to feed her family. The film works fine as a slow-paced thriller, but its core value is a stark depiction of a world all too hidden in modern America, where dinner consists of popcorn and tang, ambition consists of being promoted to full time at the Dollar Store, and families dream of living in double-wide trailers so they can be just a little warmer at night. It’s a dark morality play set in a world where people have no bootstraps to pull themselves up by in the first place.

The Blu Ray disc:
The film is shot on HD video, so this is certainly not a reference disc in any capacity. But the high bit-rate image is clean, bright, and heavily detailed.

I can't speak for the surround aspects of the audio track (what's the point in loud surround sound, when you have to keep the volume low-ish for a sleeping infant in the evening?), but the dialogue is always crisp and understandable.

Aside from the theatrical trailer, the only special feature is a feature-length commentary (with optional English subtitles) with Courtney Hunt and Heather Rae. While it's unfortunate that star Melissa Leo is not a participant, this is still a rock-solid, information packed track. While there are occasional lulls, there is an emphasis on quality over quantity. They deal right off the bat with that silly 'Leo is a diva' story that broke last summer (basically, they had several conversations about specific character beats and/or choices). There are countless stories about trying to make this bare bones, guerrilla style production (under $1 million, shot in 24 days). If you liked the movie, this track is well worth listening to.

Frozen River is one of the very best dramas of 2008, and its two major Oscar nominations more than made up for the various snubs. The slim special features and the theoretical lack of repeat viewing (it's not exactly a movie to be enjoyed over and over again) prevent me from recommending a purchase for the casual moviegoer. But it demands to be seen at least once.

The video: B+
The audio: B
The extras: C
The film: A

Scott Mendelson

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