Friday, August 15, 2008

Riddle Me This... When is a movie tie-in not a movie tie-in?

Thanks for the heads up, Franklin. Apparently Rocksteady Studios is prepping an original Batman game based in the comic book world and set entirely within Arkham Asylum. It is entitled, fittingly, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Due for release on all the major platforms in 2009, it will apparently contain an original story by Batman: The Animated Series writer and producer Paul Dini that will be part action game and part puzzle and detective game. Here are some accidentally leaked screenshots to wet the appetite. The news officially breaks on August 18th in the September issue of Game Informer.

Oh, and here's an article concerning the mythical Dark Knight movie video game that allegedly exists in the bowels of development hell. Apparently, my instinct was right and the game is undergoing massive retooling to salvage the project. Add in this new game and the aforementioned Lego Batman, and we may have three Batman games within a year. While I can't imagine Lego Batman not being addictively entertaining, here's hoping that at least one of the other two games is closer to The Adventures Of Batman And Robin as opposed to Batman: Dark Tomorrow.

Scott Mendelson

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