Friday, August 29, 2008

Convention Wrap-Up... The big speeches

Some surprisingly solid and potent speeches, and the biggest surprise is that Barack Obama's speech more or less lived up to its own hype. It was somber, policy-filled, detailed, and filled with counter-attacks against McCain and co. Here are the main speeches that are worth watching...

John Kerry - the best speech he has ever delivered, and the only major speech that dealt with the constitutional crisis and un-pleasantries such as torture and wrongful detention. A solid comparison of Senator McCain vs Candidate McCain.

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Richardson

Dennis Kucinich

Al Gore

Ted Kennedy

Michelle Obama

Joe Biden

And, of course... Barack Obama

Please let me know if any of those don't work. Here's the link for the DNC page on YouTube, with pretty much every video of consequence.

Scott Mendelson

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