Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Because I read it!"

So far, the convention has gone as expected. Ted Kennedy's likely farewell address was about as much as he could muster, but it worked as a poignant passing of the torch. Senator Hillary Clinton did what she needed to do, although her speech was fiery and passionate enough that Obama will look terrible if he or Biden fails to top it (I have little doubt that Biden will rip McCain's lungs out tonight, but Obama has expectations that may be beyond rational possibilities). Meanwhile, Michelle Obama gave a relatively emotional speech about her family and their good works, but it is a little dispiriting that his blunt, intelligent, powerful black woman had to basically convince voters that she's as much a conventional wife/mother as they are (I personally prefer my politicians to be better than me in some capacity or another).

For real fun, check out this barn burner from yesterday evening, from Dennis Kucinich, everyone's favorite candidate that they won't vote for despite agreeing with everything he says. Entitled 'Wake Up America', it got the job done, earning a rousing standing ovation and literally waking up the delegates before the main events of the second day. And, miracle of miracles, he actually got positive coverage for once, with positive notices and a couple photos in CNN's convention ticker.

Wake Up, America indeed!

Scott Mendelson

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