Thursday, March 8, 2012

Community, TV's best show, returns next week. If you trust me, you'll watch it...

If you don't watch this show, you're an idiot.  Really, there is no excuse not to check this out... It's as laugh-out-loud funny as The Simpsons in its prime (seasons 5-9, although the last two seasons have been pretty terrific too), and often almost as moving as Scrubs in its prime (seasons 1-4, plus 8).  Yes geeks will obsess over the various pop-culture satire, but what makes the show work is how it works all of its genre deconstruction into real stories that constantly develop their core characters and always make sure every single moment has consequences for the long story.  Creator Dan Harmon has done something tricky here... he has taken the sitcom format and built a show that plays like an operatic drama, with season-long arcs, heroes and villains, and actors who play the serious moments every bit as raw and real as if they were on Mad Men (which of course, Alison Brie also co-stars in).  Community returns next Thursday.  If you value my opinion at all when it comes to art (and if you don't why the heck are you reading my site?), then you'll tune in on March 15th.

Scott Mendelson  


Rick said...

That's probably the best trailer I've seen since The Dark Knight campaign. Also, Evil Abed. Cannot wait for this show to come back

ChaunceyGardiner said...


When you say, above, "TV's best show," do you mean the best show that is currently on TV, or the best show that has ever been on TV?

I'll answer that for you.

The best show that has ever been on TV is The Odd Couple.

The second best show that has ever been on TV is Community


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