Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updated! The Avengers gets (surprisingly not terrible) character posters.

As you can see, Geek Tyrant snagged a full banner comprised of the posters below (individuals after the jump).  Maybe it's because the focus on each hero doesn't necessitate cramming six of them into a single one-sheet.  Maybe it's because the tight imagery makes the threat just outside the frame look genuinely world-threatening.  But for whatever reason, this is the first official piece of Avengers movie art in a while that I actually like.  Anyway, share your thoughts below, and kudos for finally getting Cobie Smulders on a poster.

Scott Mendelson


Liam_Ho said...

They're at least proportional (except maybe the Hawkeye one), I'll give you that.

corysims said...

The best one is Thor and Black Widow...but I do agree with you Scott. They finally got something that looks interesting.


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