Thursday, February 23, 2012

To hell with 3D, Skyfall becomes the first 007 film to go the IMAX route.

Not much to report beyond the news itself.  IMAX has announced that the Sam Mendes 007 picture Skyfall will debut day-and-day in 35mm and IMAX screens on October 26th, 2012 (in the UK) and November 9th, 2012 (in the US and elsewhere).  Back in the post-Avatar era, there was talk of Skyfall becoming the first 007 film to be released in 3D.  That seems to have been scuttled, which means that James Bond fans will be able to enjoy the next 007 entry in glorious IMAX 2D.  The Hollywood Reporter also notes that the highly successful pre-release IMAX sneak of Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol will indeed lead to more IMAX pre-releases of major titles, although no specific examples were offered (I'm betting Warner Bros. goes that route with Superman: Man of Steel if it's any good).  

There was also a promise of sorts from the company to do more 'fanboy-friendly' films alongside the animated fare, which doesn't seem like news to me, but oh well.  Also of note?  They are expecting big IMAX business for their one-week engagement of The Hunger Games starting March 23rd.  Point being, this is rather good news for 007 fans, as well as further evidence that IMAX, not 3D, is going to be the sign of big-budget prestige in the near future.  And if Sony makes good on their threat to charge theaters for Real-D 3D glasses in May, it could have a ripple effect throughout the 3D business overall.  I've long argued that the only thing stopping IMAX from making further inroads (and thus booking more titles at a time) is the shortage of available screens, but that will slowly become less of a concern over time.  To paraphrase the late Whitney Houston, I believe the IMAX is our cinematic future, the one thing (massive screens plus utterly surround sound) that home theaters cannot replicate. Anyway, share your thoughts below.  Does the IMAX move give you more confidence in Skyfall?  Does it make you want to see the film more?

Scott Mendelson        


corysims said...

I hope you're right about IMAX being the future. I'd rather pay the extra money for IMAX than 3D...

ACOD said...

Paraphrasing Whitney? Too soon.

I'm jazzed for Skyfall. It's ironic that the MGM's financial issues delayed the movie and it opened up a window for (rival spy franchise?) MI:4 which went from "on the ropes" to "reinvigorated" with 637 international + and out grossed Bond's last outing, and his best (Casino Royale's 596M). Bond has never grossed 200M domestic, Hunt has done it twice.

Now it get's interesting, when is the next MI picture going to come out? The switch from Summer to the Holidays worked and you have to keep it there, no? Cruise likes to take his time but he's not getting younger. 2014 sounds about right. When is the Bond after Skyfall coming? 2014?

If Skyfall is a smash could Bond go back to summer? Do armchair pundits like us compare Skyfall to Royale and Quantum or Ghost Protocol?


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