Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indiana Jones blu-ray collection gets a trailer...

Not much to expound upon here, but Paramount will be releasing all four Indiana Jones films on blu-ray sometime this fall (probably in late September/early October, so they can do a secondary discount during the holidays).  All I can say is that the trailer above is unusual in that it outright hides most of the supporting cast of the last two pictures (no Sean Connery, no Shia LeBeouf, etc).  On the plus side, it doesn't skimp on footage from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull out of misplaced embarrassment.  Anyway, enjoy the above teaser. 

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tgt said...

I didn't see a direct contact, so this general tipoff is going in your most recent post:

Someone at slate (refencing someone at the New Yorker) saying what you say about imperfect minority characters everytime one of them crops up.


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