Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Avengers gets one last trailer and it's... an improvement.

This is an improvement over the prior trailer and Superbowl ad purely because it actually has a few money shots and, for whatever reason, the footage looks more three-dimensional and 'film-like' than the comparatively flat ads thus far.  It's good that Black Widow actually gets stuff to do this time around, and I'm genuinely impressed with the Hulk footage (that close-up at the end of the 360 shot actually looks like Mark Ruffalo).  In terms of action, it still looks like we're looking at three key action sequences: the dick-measuring contest in a forest between Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, some kind of second-act incident at the Avengers headquarters (invasion or a Hulk freak-out I presume), plus the all-important climax where the Loki's army of robot things (I'm not hardcore enough to know what those flying bugs are) wage war on a single block of New York City.  The third act stuff looks solid, and I have to admit I'm pleased that we still don't know much about the nitty-gritty plot details, which is as it should be.  Yes, I still wish the film felt a big larger in scale, but if the film works as quality entertainment it will be a moot point.  Obviously you don't hire Joss Whedon for large-scale pyrotechnics, but for character development and quality dialogue, so we'll see if one outweighs the apparent lack of the other (I personally would rather have bad action in a good movie than vice-versa).  Point being, despite my comments yesterday about Disney's marketing making a negative impact, this trailer actually makes me more excited than I was yesterday, so that counts as a win.  Anyway, the film drops May 4th (although the UK gets it a week earlier) and as always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson  


corysims said...

Out of all the marketing materials, this is the best one yet, even if certain shots looked liked they were composed by an amateur.

Is it more or does Johansson and Hemsworth look like they're in a different film than the rest of the cast? To me, they seem to be taking this thing seriously. There's no wink with them. That's just the vibe they seem to be giving off.

Liam_Ho said...

I still laugh at Black Widow in the group shot at the end. What can she do with a glock?


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