Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pixar's Brave gets a gorgeous trailer, which tells a surprisingly conventional story.

Come what may, Pixar has specialized in relatively unimpressive trailers that earn kudos for not giving away the whole movie.  So when I tell you that I wasn't dazzled by this introductory teaser, there is little cause for alarm.  What's most interesting is that the film is the first case of Pixar telling a straight-up Campellian 'Hero's Journey' tale, as opposed to their standard "Man Comes to Terms With Death/What He Cannot Change" fables that gave us Finding NemoWall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3.  The animation is striking, and the 2.35:1 aspect ratio is welcome.  The Scottish setting, the young child who wants to break away from tradition, and Billy Connelly's distinctive brogue makes it feel a bit similar to How To Train Your Dragon (Craig Ferguson turns up here too) albeit with a gender-switch.  The former was about a young man who didn't want to fight, while this one has a young woman who wants to be a warrior.  Anyway, so far, this one looks pretty solid, even if the trailer highlights bawdy humor over red-blooded adventure, and Pixar has certainly earned our trust over the years.  Brave opens June 22nd, 2012.  As always, we'll see.

Scott Mendelson   


Mohamed Al Saadoon said...

It just seems the tale of the princess wanting to be free has been overdone and stale and I'm not a fan of the lead voice actress. But Pixar is one studio I will always give the benefit of the doubt.

Geha714 said...

I think Pixar is smart by keeping the action underwraps. Kudos for keeping the Scottish authenticity by the switch of Merida's voice from Reese Witherspoon to Kelly McDonald (Trainspotting, No Country and actually, a real Scottish). I trust Pixar when they try something new.

Ruth Poulsen said...

Finally, FINALLY a Pixar movie with an actual girl in the lead! Yes, the princess thing has been done a million times, but I'm excited.


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