Monday, August 8, 2011

Tron: Legacy + Spy Kids 3D = something much better than Tron: Legacy.

A close friend of mine put this up, so thank goodness I actually liked it...  It mashes a  Tron: Legacy trailer, fashioned off the first terrific teaser and uses Spy Kids 3: Game Over footage.  Aside from a bit of awkward George Clooney as Bruce Boxleitner dubbing, it's pretty successful.  More importantly, as someone who really hated Tron: Legacy, this made me laugh my ass off.  Considering that Rodriguez's 2003 sequel cost just $39 million, it's almost offensive how much more exciting, colorful and imaginative the film was than the $200 million would-be franchise reboot that was positioned as 'the next big thing'. Spy Kids 3D has some issues (too little of our adult stars for one), but it's a stunningly exciting bit of family-friendly action filmmaking and it's ahead-of-its-time 3D work still holds up, even if it is the last of the old-fashioned red-and-blue technique.  The trailer accomplishes two things.  It makes me hate Tron: Legacy even more while making me want to watch Spy Kids 3D again.  And, as a side benefit, it reminds me to look forward to this month's Spy Kids 4: All the Time In the World.

Scott Mendelson    

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Dan Gvozden said...

I've never seen "Spy Kids 3-D" or "Tron Legacy", but Spy Kid looks pretty impressive for that kind of a budget. Although I think based on the trailers for "Tron Legacy" the visuals look comparable to the cost. I'm not sure colorful was what "Tron Legacy" was going for but either way its an interesting video compilation.


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