Friday, August 5, 2011

First official photo of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Not even Hathaway in black leather can make the Bat Pod look good...

Back in my day, we had to wait for the first trailer to see what the new Bat-villains actually looked like!  There are other unofficial photos out there that basically show the same image from a sideways angle (with Hathaway's stunt woman), but I think I'll still with the legit stuff.  Anyway, today is day two of Warner Bros. tries to beat the paparazzi to the punch.  The costume is obviously a hybrid of the Dwayne Cooke/Ed Brubaker outfit (the tactical aspects, the goggles) along with a bit from the 1960s Batman show (the free-flowing hair which reaches just below the shoulders ala Julie Newmar).  I have no real commentary on the outfit.  It looks fine and it's obvious that Nolan and company were going for something that would actually make sense in battle than something that would make a pinup poster.  I will say that not even Anne Hathaway wrapped in tight black leather can make that Bat-Pod any less ridiculous looking.  I'm sorry, I've felt this way for three years, but that is an absolutely silly looking vehicle.  The fact that it was a central part of the ad campaign last time around is a near-joke.  Like the main theatrical one-sheet for The Dark Knight, the center of attention in this image is not the character being highlighted but a giant wheel.

As for why Catwoman is apparently stealing the Bat-Pod, I have no idea.  But I will shall the following anecdote:  The other night, I was reading Allison a Batman-centric storybook (her pick, believe it or not) which involved a mass break-out at Arkham.  Anyway, at the climax of the story, Batman and Robin drive the Batmobile to the amusement park because that's (of course) where The Joker is hiding.  They outwit The Joker, watch him get hauled back to Arkham, and take off in the sky with their bat-ropes.  At which point, Allison turned to me, completely serious, and asked me why they didn't leave in the Batmobile that they arrived in.  I started laughing pretty hard and explained that it was a really good question that I had no answer to.  So perhaps the reason Catwoman has stolen Batman's stupid-looking Bat-Pod because he felt the need to arrive via Bat-Pod and depart in a more dramatic fashion.  Or, maybe, he realized how stupid the thing looks, so he left the keys on the seat and hoped for the best.

Scott Mendelson


corysims said...

Come on, Scott. Lighten up a bit on the Bat commentary. I know you've stated that the Dark Knight is "the" Batman movie for you (as it is for me), but it just seems you're looking to not like this film based on your commentary on this film as of late. I get it. Nothing's going to match what we got three years ago. And yes, it would've been extremely ballsy if Nolan left the franchise after Knight and said that was the end of the story...Batman on the run.

But, what if he legitimately has a story he wants to tell and it's really the end for the character in this arc? I know you're down on Bane but at least he's been played by a legit actor, who might bring something different to the table. He's not the Joker but who is? I think Nolan and Hardy's Bane looks interesting. Let's see what they do with it.

I don't know if you're preparing yourself for failure or what but you've been pretty down on Batman related news ever since it was reveal who the villains were and what the title of the film is...which is a stark contrast to your commentary on the Dark Knight.

I expected this from Devin...not you.

Scott Mendelson said...

How was the above post critical of the film? I like the photo, I like that it looks like Catwoman is going to be a hybrid of the Ed Brubaker stuff and Julie Newmar. The Bat-Pod was stupid looking in The Dark Knight, but the film still worked. I'm just reaffirming that it still looks dumb three years later. I've complained about the marketing choices here and there, but that's a bit different than whining about the alleged quality of an unfinished film (that teaser was awful, it would have been awful for any sequel). As far as my 'Why I'm not as excited for The Dark Knight Rises as you are' post from a couple months ago, it was just that. An attempt to come to terms with the fact that the film will likely not be as satisfying for me as the last one was, and to accept that it merely needs to be a good Batman film.

corysims said...

I agree about the teaser, even if the last image was worth the awful teaser. Don't agree about the Batpod. I kind of agree with your notion that it merely needs to be a good Batman film and not better than the Dark Knight.

See, for me, it wasn't about whether or not Nolan could break the "third film" curse when it comes to trilogies. My hesitation has been mostly about the fact that, in my opinion, Nolan's basically been batting 1.000 since Memento and the law of averages says that he needs to have a slip up somewhere. But, I honestly don't want it to be this film because we haven't had a perfect trilogy yet in this genre.

Fox robbed us of that when they kicked Singer to the curb by the half-assing him in the negotiations for X3. Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy only has one good film. Iron Man 2 sucked, so I have no hope for Iron Man 3. Blade Trinity was atrocious after the first two were solid genre entries.

And yet, everything I've read and seen says that Nolan might be the cat to pull this off. It would be amazing if he could end this film on his own terms...even with the knowledge that WB's rebooting the character after he's gone.

Brandon said...

Costume is very safe with little chance. I maybe was looking for more "wow" with it. It doesn't really set itself too much apart from any catwoman variation. I feel like this was what was to be expected of her look. But then again, it does need to fit Nolan's Batman Universe, so we are limited. Though he's successfully pulled off Scarecrow, Al Ghul, Joker, and Mr. Zsasz into his universe. Bane looks the to be the most stretching of it, but i think it'll work.

Doesn't help that the first image is her on the Batpod, though. Eh.

We'll see. Still eagerly awaiting the trailer in all this paparazzi photo stuff is making the movie look corny/cheeseball for a film in this universe and I'm sure its not going to end up looking that way in the final product.


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